Keeping Warm This Winter!



Winter is looming and the Great British Weather is starting to come into its own…. Cold, wet and windy!
With lots of campaigns and events coming up in the chilly winter months we thought we’d share our top tips for keeping warm and motivated on outdoor shifts.
Layer Up – It is important to keep your core body temperature up wearing three layers. A base layer, mid-layer and outer layer can ensure maximum warmth. Investing in Thermals is a very good idea!
Accessorize – Wear a hat, scarf and gloves. Carry two pairs of gloves, keeping the second pair in a jacket pocket, so that your body heat keeps them warm. Before you turn up in your beautiful tartan set remember to check with us first for colour coding to suit client needs.
Keep Those Toes Toasty – It’s so important to keep your feet snuggly and warm. Make sure you layer up wearing a thinner pair of socks underneath a thicker pair and wear trainers instead of leather shoes where possible.
Stay Dry – Take extra clothes with you just in case you get wet, or if you just need a little more warmth. And of course wear a waterproof coat where possible.
Keep Moving – Clothing only helps trap heat; your body is what keeps you warm. Anytime you get cold, the best strategy for rewarming is to start moving.
Don’t Let It Go – Don’t let all that heat sneak out! When you’re inside keep your coat on, this will heat up your core giving you warmth to retain when you go outside.
DRINK! – On your breaks enjoy a hot cup of tea or a yummy hot choccy, although it won’t make you feel warm for hours it will give you that lovely warm feeling in your hands and tummy. Also ensure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.  FUN FACT – Cold water raises your core temperature to counteract the chilly liquid
Eat For Heat – Before you brave the winter chill make sure you enjoy a good hearty meal. Fuel your body with complex carbs to keep you energised and warm.